High Frequency Vacuum Wood Dryer

High frequency vacuum wood dryer is smaller type but fast lower temperature dryer, suitable for all kinds of wood, from veneer/lamina to board or thick lumber.

High frequency vacuum drying is a combination of high-frequency medium heating and vacuum low-temperature drying. It is a fast and almost waste free drying method, especially suitable for the drying of hardwood and heavy wood. High frequency heating, also known as high-frequency dielectric heating, is to convert the ordinary 380 V AC power supply into high-frequency electromagnetic field after boosting and rectifying, and realize high-frequency heating through the corresponding anode and cathode plate equipment. High frequency power basically has no waste utilization, energy saving and consumption reducing, and the drying cost is reduced to the greatest extent. Its main uses are: the boiling point of water is low, the evaporation rate is accelerated, and the gradient of wood surface moisture content is increased.